Coding Like a Girl


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Anonymous at 17:36 on 28 Aug 2014

Great presentation! Not something I would have expected at such a conference and perhaps that says it all.

I just wanted to add that perhaps most can be gained in this cause by motivating girls ( and other minorities in tech ) at an early age. I know there are some project in the Netherlands doing this at the moment.

So I wish you good luck as an advocate in this struggle. Eventually we'll get there!

Unique and unexpected talk!
Loved seeing NDT show up out of nowhere, good analogy.
Girls, be proud to love tech and science so we can build 50/50 IT teams and get different POVs!
Only small critique is that some English was not always clear.

I'm glad that this topic was a part of today. It was a well-thought presentation with a positive spirit of optimism and affecting change.

It is always nice to see mindfulness surrounding women in tech (and STEM as a whole) at these conferences. There is certainly a substantial amount of conversation around this topic, both statisticically as well as around the culture in tech that we've all helped build.

From the responses from the audience, it definitely seemed like this topic was well received and that some conversations may have been started among some people who wouldn't have previously thought of this aspect of the tech culture in their area.

I think we're in a great point in tech's history where we're still able to influence powerful positive change toward leveling the playing field for people of ALL types. I also think that's it's great hearing conversations around diversity as a whole and viewing our peers as human beings and their capabilities first and foremost before gender, race, religion, or orientation.

Thanks, Gabriela! Hope we'll see lots more of you in the future!

Thank you @frank, it is my first time as english speaker, and I was prrocupied with presenting the facts without sounding that men are the ones in fault. I will definetly try to improve my english!

Thank you @frank, it is my first time as english speaker, and I was prrocupied with presenting the facts without sounding that men are the ones in fault. I will definetly try to improve my english!

Awesome talk, it's the first time I watch a talk about this subject, and you did a great job showing how diversity improves the scenario of IT! I'm really happy that the organizers picked your talk, it's a very important subject and yes, it should be present on PHP conferences more often.
I know how hard it is to present a talk in English for the first time, being a Brazilian, so a big kudos for the courage to talk about this subject as your first international talk :)

The talk being your first talk in English about such a hard emotional topic is really well done.

Thanks for the talk, and thanks laracon for including this talk in the day.

Good talk. Sometimes a little unclear because of the English but this got much better as the talk progressed

It was hard to understand at times and some of the slides with lots of graphs needed a bit more explanation. However, it's extremely brave to tell such a relevant and personal message in a language that is not your mother tongue. 100% respect!

Awesome talk, I was fortunate enough to have many inspiring conversations with Gabi during the conference leading up to this talk. Speaking in front of such a big crowds is super scary thing. I've experienced this first-hand and could totally relate to her. Inspiring developer with a great and open mind. I hope I can see her talk about other topics in the future. Great topic, nice balance between factual (stats) and social aspects. I think many people had a "aha" moment about the title too, very clever.

For Gabi:
Because English is not your first language it's language, as is the case for me, doing multiple run throughs is super helpful. I didn't do that before going into last years talk and it showed. I did it this year, felt SUPER stupid but I think it helped me a lot. Great advice by Ross Tuck btw. Although you could clearly see that you had nerves, you kept at it, kept going and even during the talk you could see improvement on that part. I'm super excited about seeing you take this experience and improving of it.

The biggest surprise of the Community Day. What a touching and emotional talk that really makes you ponder. Loved the statistics and the references to all the research done on this subject.

I was surprised to read that this was your first talk in English, you did an awesome job at it!

I was very fortunate to spent some time with Gabi at Laracon and found her to be a very inspiring person. I too, did not think about our industry and diversity much over the last 15 years but Gabi made me think and I thank her for that.

Your presentation contained a great message and with a little polish will help many more people think and make our great industry even better. I hope you can reach many more people with your passion and hope you get invited to talk at many more events.

Side note: also a great person to have a beer or two with.

Anonymous at 09:58 on 2 Sep 2014

As many others have noted, I think this actually began the discussion of diversity for many people during the conference.

Always great to see NDT in a slide too.

Considering English isn't your first language, you did extremely well to push through nerves and deal with that.

I think this talk combined with Kayla's should be a must for PHP conferences over the next couple of years.