Comprehensive Validation with Laravel 4


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Anonymous at 14:52 on 29 Aug 2014

Anonymous at 14:52 on 29 Aug 2014

Anonymous at 20:53 on 29 Aug 2014

I really appreciate this talk, absolutely descriptive and most times good to follow along.

Interesting insights for validation techniques, good to follow.

Great talk and good insights about validation.

I almost felt sorry for him after listening to Taylor later that day. But this approach is still very much valid, especially in situation where it's not about forms.

In general your fast way of talking meant I didn't always catch every word you said, but that's a minor issue.

But seriously man... You really need your own Mic ;)

To those who want more detail (only so much I can do in an hour :)) - I'll be putting up a more thorough series of validation from multiple perspectives, including what Taylor Otwell touched on with his talk about upcoming features.

Thanks heaps to all who left feedback - I'll definitely be taking it all onboard for future talks. Will try and slow down some more as well! hehe :)

Thanks again and glad you all could make it. What a great conference! :D

Anonymous at 17:01 on 31 Aug 2014

The whole talk was a clone of a Laracast's video, so there wasn't much to learn if one had already watched the video.

I found the speaker was speaking very fast.

I think Kirk his talk was great, good pace, clear speech and most definitely on a subject which I know interests at least a couple of more persons that myself. The insights where very interesting and the practical examples great.

Thanks, the solution you have deviced really solves some annoyances I'm having with validations.

I'm a non-native English speaker and didn't have any problems following your pace.

Definitely learned a lot from this particular talk and the speaker did a great job of keeping his audience engaged.

My colleague and I were lucky enough to see Kirk talk at Laravel London a few months back on this very subject. The talk has been updated post that point (for the better) and I thought he delivered a good talk.

Although Taylor had announced changed for form validation, I think this talk highlighted a good approach to validation for other use cases.