Discovering ElasticSearch


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Awesome and very practical introduction to Elasticsearch, great job explaining how to actually integrate it with an existing application using a relational database. That's something I've always found lacking in other presentations on the topic.

Great introduction into elastic search. Great presentation.

God Ben, I love you being yourself on stage. If you pace around less, it'd be easier to track your face. I really don't think that you should feel like you need to be mobile up there. Your personality works really well.

Great talk, very interesting topic and nice practical examples.

Very informative, will have made many people enthousiast to explore it more.

If you do the daily running in the morning instead of on stage it would be a bit easier to keep focus. Nevertheless great talk

This was a great introduction both to ElasticSearch and to using it in PHP. Very accessible and practical, and Ben is an engaging and entertaining speaker.

Great talk, good working examples and very competently delivered

What a great presentation! One of the better one's at Laracon. Excellent explanation of how it works and easy code samples to get you started quickly. This will be one of the first things Ill be implementing on monday. Thanks!

Elastic Search! Man that might just be my new favorite thing. I can't wait to try it out. Great talk!

Awesome presentation.

For me, this was the best talk of the conference. Learned something useful about a new, for me, piece of software with a practical example on how to use this within your Laravel application.

Also, Ben, your presence on the stage is really natural and your speech is very clear and for me in a great pace to follow.

Thanks. Great and informative dive into ElasticSearch. Sounds like it makes our lives so much easier :)

Great presentation. Using the point of view or redefining what a good result represents and using the right tool for it is awesome. As I've said in person, jumping around is fun, don't overdo it ;) I'd love to see a more in-dept talk about this too.

Great talk and perfect timing for a little personal project to now convert to Elastic. Presentation was a perfect mix of concepts and examples. Clear and well paced. A great springboard to get back into playing with Elastic Search.

Brilliant talk. We already have Elastic Search in use but now we know how much more is possible. I've already begun forcing the lessons from this talk onto those at the office with this talk to motivate me. I'm eagerly waiting to have slides or a video to help spread the message.

The speaker's pacing during the talk wasn't enough to damage the presentation for me but I could possibly see this being taken as a sign of nervousness or lack of confidence in the subject on bigger talks. It may have just been habit on his part.

As usual, a very engaging talk from Ben. I've used ElasticSearch in a few projects and love it. Ben made a very good point about Java during the talk where there still seems to be a stigma towards using java based applications - can't for the life of me understand why now-a-days when they've come a long, long way.

As I said previously, it was a engaging talk, funny, accurate, great code examples and a good subject choice.