Filesystem Abstraction with Flysystem


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Wim Godden at 14:14 on 28 Aug 2014

Nice talk, to the point and well presented

Nice talk, much improvement since last year

Really great talk - Flysystem seems to be everything we need with an upcoming project, as well as I think ALL future projects. The simple ability to abstract away the filesystem means we can focus more time on our business logic and less time waiting for our disk IO during test time.

also a remarkable improvement over last year - more confidence, great points, very smooth.

10/10 would watch again ;)

Great talk! - only downside was it was only 30 minutes, could have easily been an hour

Nice talk, only to bad of the shameless self promotion ;-) It was fun to watch too.

Very enjoyable talk. Flysystem looks great and will be certainly be using soon.

Good presentation and good software as well ;) Already using it!

Really nice talk. Good pace, interesting stuff - it seems you have thought long and hard about filesystem abstraction abstraction, if you know what I mean ;) Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Frank has improved a lot since last year! This was an EPIC talk performed with confidence and humour, well done! :)

I agree with Michelle, the confidence and humor made it a 5/5 talk!

Very good presentation about Flysystem, something immediately useful and The Right Way To Do Things!

Anonymous at 19:32 on 1 Sep 2014

Great talk, funny and informative, whoever you are!

Best talk of the lot entire conference for me.

One of the better PHP packages out there and now a core part of Laravel shows how decent a package it is.

Massive improvement from last year from Frank, very confident and aggressively so on stage. Owned the room from start to finish.