Handling Highly Connected Data with Neo4j Graph Databases


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Anonymous at 14:28 on 28 Aug 2014

Good talk! Made me want to dig deeper into graph databases!

Nice talk! It definitely got me interested in graph database. I'll be checking out Neo4j. Thanks

Anonymous at 00:38 on 31 Aug 2014

Michelle had some technically problems but gave a good intro to graph databases.

I had never heard of Neo4j before, and now I'm working through some tutorials. Thanks, really inspiring and hands-on.

Kept her cool while things were not working as expected on screen. Exciting technology!

I've seen Neo4J discussed previously and I've spent a lot of time using ElasticSearch so I was quite looking forward to seeing this talk.

Sadly on the day, there were a few technical issues that Michelle did extremely well to handle in a calm and professional manner which actually made the talk a lot more engaging for the audience as we shared a few laughs.

Good slides, humour and laughs throughout and a great product discussed - so much so that I plan to re-engineer a piece of one of my larger projects to use it.