PHP Annotations: They exist!


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Anonymous at 11:49 on 30 Aug 2014

Good talk although I think a lot people got lost in the code example

Great talk. Definitely want to learn more about it.

It was great introduction but I would have liked to see some more code examples and details on practical usage within an app.

Great presentation overall. I would love to see annotations in php but I dont like the current approach (event though you showed its possible). I got the idea it was too much work to implement.

Rafael! I absolutely love seeing you speak on stage!
I was at pfcongress a few years ago and loved that talk, but I think this talk was even better.

Still not sure about annotations, but the talk was excellent :)

Anonymous at 17:12 on 31 Aug 2014

The talk was pleasant but not related to Laravel.

Anonymous at 17:56 on 31 Aug 2014

The talk was related to PHP which is quite relevant to Laravel.

I found the first half of this talk very nice. But, the second half was a walk-through of how to implement them.

I don't need to learn how it's coded. I need to learn how it can be used. Then, I could figure out how to code it myself. Point me to doctrine-annotations and I am fine.

Many of us are now motivated to pursue annotations.

Before hearing this talk I'd already decided to use annotations on an upcoming package, but this helped underline why that's a good choice. He did a great job explaining how they work, and why they are beneficial.

Wonderful talk.

Thanks for sharing interesting feature I haven't noted that much. You are strong and enjoyable on stage. Still I'm doubting annotations as configuration.

It would've been useful to dig into Laravel's validation system and compare your annotation based validation system to that as it's probably what most of the Laravellians are using (=finding common experience/ground). Nice system and in some ways similar, but with code instead of meta description: :)

Fun and engaging presentation. I liked the format and flow very much. Many good points were given. I do however see an opportunity for a more conceptual, overview-like reasoning which explain how annotations are more an external policy than it is an internal one. Especially in this conference, where many people use AR instead of DM for their ORM solution and associate annotations with doctrine and therefor the ORM.

Tried to dive in to annotations with Doctrine and PHPUnit myself so glad to have someone go back to basics.

Great talk (as is usually the case from what I've been told) by Rafael.

I agree, it seemed as though some of the crowd were a little lost in the code examples, however the same thing happened during other talks too.