Portable Environments with Vagrant


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Killed it

GREAT talk all the way trough. Erika spoke with confidence on the stage and answered the questions really well, the talk had great buildup, slides and it was clear. The demos were really well executed too!

AWESOME!!! \o/

Anonymous at 20:19 on 29 Aug 2014

Great presentation, like mentioned before the presentation had a very nice flow in it and was easy to follow and understand.

Definitely giving Ansible and Phansible.com a go.

Great talk, easy to follow. Information on the slides is good. Will give ansible a try.

Informative and clearly presented. Strong in-depth knowledge. Will definitely read the book.

Great talk! I've been discouraged with vagrant and puppet before. Somehow it never worked as easily as it sounds. At least not for me :)

But I'm eager to try again, especially with Ansible. So thanks for that.

Also, between all the macbooks ( and the occasional thinkpad ) it's always nice to see another Ubuntu user.

I found Erika's talk very informational and to the point. She convinced me using Ansible!

Anonymous at 20:02 on 31 Aug 2014

Awesome talk, good demos and great idea to have videos in case they didnt work, live demos /coding demos can be a nightmare but it was well planned. I'm just getting into using Vagrant and it's inspired me to jump in and start setting up vagrant boxes per project. We're using Chef in work but I think I'm going to try Ansible first I was so impressed :P

Definitely a nice talk, the pace could have been a bit faster if you ask me and was mainly taken out because of the wait for the coding examples. Maybe an idea on this would be to make video's out of these which could show the process in a bit faster pace? And it would have been interested to learn about the link between Homestead and Vagrant since this was Laracon.

Other then that well presented and on interesting subject.

Thank you, I've been planning to enter Vagrant but with low-prio so everything else come up first. Now I'm going to make Vagrant a priority! :)

Anonymous at 13:02 on 1 Sep 2014

"Windows", right? Although I knew pretty much everything that was covered in the talk, I had fun. Sometimes I forget that not everybody is using this yet, which is almost weird. This talk explained and showed how and why very nicely. Also, provisioning a box, on stage, live? ... Respect. Does do a good job of proving the point.

Brilliant talk. We're already making use of Ansible so it was great to see someone waving the flag so to speak.

Fantastic talk, with a lot of laughs along the way.

I've been convinced to switch over to Ansible from Puppet like a few others have noted here.

Fun to listen to, engaging personality and great slides. Even a sneak peak at Erika's downloads folder too!