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Great talk. Very inspiring

Anonymous at 12:18 on 29 Aug 2014

Great Talks gave me some things to think about

Anonymous at 15:42 on 29 Aug 2014

Anonymous at 13:01 on 30 Aug 2014

Great talk, good to follow.

I enjoyed your talk. Great recommendations and you pronounced conclusie perfectly :)!

Great talk, provided insights into how we can manage our migration and has made the task much less daunting. It will take longer than you think! ;)

Excellent talk! We've always avoided mixing laravel in with legacy code. I've personally always wanted to rebuilt everything. And rarely had time, budget or opportunity to do so.
This approach is the best of both worlds. And we've already planned out several ways to do this in the near future.

Love the fact that you combined multiple presentations into one. Topic was super relevant for me; we still use zend1 and I was looking for a way to start integration more Laravel code.

One of my favorite talks. I wish to see Matt talk next year.

Matt "Mr. Charismatic" Stauffer. What a performer. I think he just a well could have talked about pencils and I would still be fascinated. I normally tend to prefer more in depth talks than this, but the talk just pulled you in. Very keen to see this speaker do more talks, a speaker to keep an eye out for.

There's too little talk about legacy and the PHP community has lots of bad legacy. This talk was good start to make the situation a bit better. Thanks.

Brilliant talk on a subject of great use to general PHP developers and Laravel developers alike. Definitely one of the big ones to take away and pass on.

I seem to work a lot with legacy projects and bringing them up to date (or as close as they can be). This was actually one of my favourite talks, the audience was completely hooked throughout the talk.

Great slides and fantastic presentation style. One of the more polished talks that were given and certainly one of the most impressive.