TDD: The Good Parts


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Interesting view on TDD

Anonymous at 15:32 on 28 Aug 2014

The best "TDD: The Good Parts" talk you've ever given.

Really enjoyable. Lots of head nodding as I saw my own mistakes! Nice to hear a more laid back and usable approach.

One of the better talks from the community day! I really enjoyed the talk and the reflection of a developer on his work. Thanks Adam!

I felt the goal was to make me as a TDD novice feel less guilty about my non-perfect implementation. I think it really contributed to that. It was a an honest, open and relevant talk any TDD novice should see (twice).

As a few others have mentioned, I think everyone found it refreshing to see someone saying take TDD the way you want to use it. Good presentation style, engaged the audience with good slides and participation.