The use of multiple Laravel applications within a huge sports platform


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Great presentation. I was impressed to see what Laravel can actually do in large scale application. And it doesn't really get any larger than this.

I'm always questioned whether laravel fit large scale app. Could you publish its slide? Thanks.

As a visitor of some of these websites, I was pleasantly surprised seeing them built on Laravel. Seeing websites of this magnitude built on Laravel, handling such large amounts of traffic,... Well, brilliant. Very interesting talk and clearly explained, Thanks! I'd love to know more technical details about the implementation if it's available somewhere.

Big numbers!

Proud developer of Infostrada, rating is biased of course ;)

Cool to see such a large project using Laravel! Very good presentation also.

A very interesting talk that shows the power of Laravel as a spider in a API driven web of services.

Interesting talk but didn't actually go into too much detail about how they had used Laravel apart from a brief description which may of been due to time constraints.