Min-maxing software costs


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Anonymous at 14:31 on 26 Aug 2015

Good job

Anonymous at 14:51 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 14:52 on 26 Aug 2015

Interesting talk. Well executed

Anonymous at 14:52 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 14:55 on 26 Aug 2015

Good energy, High level and useful information. Thank you

Anonymous at 14:56 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 14:57 on 26 Aug 2015

Fantastic talk. Real food for thought.

Anonymous at 14:59 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 15:11 on 26 Aug 2015

Learned quite a bit from your talk. Confirmed some of my own thoughts on some of the subjects you presented. Thanks!

Nice and clear talk.. Good and energetic voice.. Thanks!

Anonymous at 15:35 on 26 Aug 2015

Andrew Westrope at 15:40 on 26 Aug 2015

You are a very compelling speaker! I found your 3 way split an elegant description of the places my projects have been! Nice to have things explained this way. Great job

Anonymous at 16:30 on 26 Aug 2015

Flawless. That is all!

Anonymous at 16:51 on 26 Aug 2015

costs, costs everywhere

Brilliant talk, one of my favourites of the event.

I was gobsmacked during this talk. From the title I did not really know what it was going to be about and what I could expect. But it was so good! Amazed by how good of a public speaker you are.

Last year your talk was a little overwhelming for those not active in tdd. This year's topic was much easier to follow along and relate. I love how passionate and confident you are about these topics.

This talk connected with your workshop so well! You have managed to teach me more in the past 3 days than i would have thought possible! Many thanks and keep up the great work!

Anonymous at 00:00 on 27 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 00:14 on 27 Aug 2015

Boring topic.
For me it was one of the most interesting talks. Well done, well done.

Really not what I was expecting from the title but by far my favourite talk.
Some really insightful and useful advice, a great way of looking at software development.

Fantastic. The only negative point was that at some point in time it was over :-)

Brilliant, lots of wisdom and experience shared, albeit opinionated. Good for getting one to think about balancing delivery time costs and project needs, and how that evolves over project lifetime.

This talk was chock-full of profound insights. You managed to bring back the complicated subject of software costs to an understandable and usable model. Lots of aha-moments. I'm sure these ideas are worth exploring further by writing a series of articles or even a book about it. Many people would benefit from it.

Great slides, and amazing how good you are as a public speaker, especially considering English is not your native language.

Very interesting, some good insights. Best of the conference for me.

Totally not what I expected, and that was great! Easily one of the best talks of the conference. It also tied in great with many of earlier talks

I enjoyed this talk immensely. While many talks are standing on the shoulders of giants, Konstantin has a unique ability to create new insights/knowledge, seemingly out of thin air. His unique perspective and ability to transform experiences into transferable knowledge makes it such a joy to attend.

Great talk, very interesting theme, useful to developers/business people/clients, very well executed. Every party involved in software development can take valuable information from this talk.

Very interesting and useful talk presented by a great speaker. This guy knows how to present difficult subjects in a simplified way.

Well thought presentation and articulation of things devs usually know by gut-feeling, but saying these things out loud in logical manner, makes the problems and the solutions much clearer.

Great and very useful talk. I can't wait for video - I would like to hear it once more - I learn a lot of from this speech.

The most valuable talk at laracon eu for me. Gives me a lot of arguments for a lot of situations ;)

Michael Csáki at 23:49 on 31 Aug 2015

This talk was absolutely great regarding both content and presentation. thanks a lot!!

A very interesting and useful talk, many things to be taken away and applied to future projects. My only critique is that perhaps it was a little opinionated in places.

Just saw the video on the LaraconEU youtube channel. I say this was an amazing talk, hands down. Thanks a lot Konstantin! Could relate a lot of things with my own projects. Also this talk has so many useful take aways to apply in the software development process of any scale.

Great talk!
It really puts a few things into perspective.