Things Laravel made me believe


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Anonymous at 17:50 on 26 Aug 2015

Masterclass in content and presentation that other speakers pale in comparison to.

Anonymous at 18:50 on 26 Aug 2015

where can i give 7 stars??? jeffrey understands how to entertain and inform at the same time. i loved how he spoke from developers hearts. and i couldn't agree more to the essence of his talk! taylor + jeffrey = pure awesomness

Wow Jeffrey.. You did a nice job of mixing content, humor, vision, expert knowledge and lots of other stuff into a really super presentation.. It felt happy being a part of the Laravel community... Thank you!

I was kind of amazed how long the list of languages/tools/etc., a developer has to deal with nowadays, got.
Love the Way of thinking, "make/keep it simple(r)" and don't feel stupid when an asshole says you shouldn't have done things the way yóu did.
Jeffrey is a great speaker in his Laracasts and the Laravel podcasts, but also on stage. Like the humor he puts in. Would love to see him on stage more.

Loved the talk, a lot of humour, I had pretty high expectations and you exceeded. A lot of great content delivered in a fun way :)

This talk was simply awesome!
Jeffrey was worried about having talked too fast but truth is that he emphasised every single breath he used to perform this simply fantastic speech.
I really loved the subject and never expected to see such a dense and meaningful way of telling it.

Anonymous at 22:35 on 26 Aug 2015

You don't need that guitar to be a rockstar, i'd say that guitar needs you. Awesome talk with great humor!

Anonymous at 00:00 on 27 Aug 2015

Great job. Jeffrey is a high level entertainer.
Best presentation and never lost the topic.
So let's keep it simple(r):
5 thumbs up

Don't know what to say else besides: amazing! Such a pleasure to see you go at it on stage. Come back next year please! :D

Awesome. I especially liked that you showed the various ideas of naming before settling on elixir. It was a bit like listening to demo's of your favourite band: the journey to the perfect song / code is equally interesting than the final song / code itself.

Great job!

By far the best talk of the conference. I still giggle when I think about the Homer-clip. ;)

Best talk I've ever seen at a tech convention. Delivered with loads of charisma, humor and enthousiasm. No lulls or moments of drifting off, kept me riveted the entire time. Just great. Can we have more of these kinds of talks please?

Very slick and funny presentation, great for finishing on. A lot of wisdom contained within it too.

Just like in your videos, you know how to draw in everyone, from absolute beginners to professionals. Passion, humor and enthusiasm throughout the entire talk. The Gifs and clips were hilarious and appropriately chosen! If I wasn't already a member of laracasts, I would definitely signup after this (because of the hypnosis of course!) One tiny point of critique: perhaps dress a little fancier on stage to make it perfect. Something casual like the presenter of the conference. I was not bothered at all by it, but I can imagine some people might have been. Hopefully you'll come back next year and thanks for this amazing talk!

Very very good talk, beginning to end. I still consider Ross Tuck's keynote last year to be the best talk I've even seen, but this one is a close second. Loved every minute of it.

I have this urge to sign up to laracasts all of a sudden...

The master at work. Funny, instructive and a good reminder that there is a lot of ways to build awesome stuff and that simplicity is key.

Always a pleasure and jammed full of fun, feeling and great content, many thank for a great talk

Great final talk. Agreed wholeheartedly with the message. Entertaining too! ;)

Truly great. A fantastic note to end on.

Awesome speaker and a great talk.

Well done Jeffrey! This one was amazing!

The best talk at laracon eu! Thanks

Michael Csáki at 23:53 on 31 Aug 2015

very very good talk and. a. worthy conclusion of LaraconEU.

As always from Jeffrey - informative, engaging, entertaining and humourous. The perfect speaker to close an excellent conference