Whistleblowing 101


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Anonymous at 13:28 on 26 Aug 2015

I'm struggling to sit through this one :(

Had to listen real good because the slides were only images.
The information will be usefull if you are in a whistleblowing situation.

Anonymous at 13:51 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 13:54 on 26 Aug 2015

This is a very extensive and hard subject to talk about, and I like how Esther approached it - not the usual NSA/Snowden stuff, but things that are applicable to our reality as Developers. I think she did well for a first talk, but it might have been hard for some people to follow up as this is a complex subject. As a suggestion, using bullet points and actual text on the slides (with the important terms and action items) could help a lot for better comprehension. Keep up with the good work!

Anonymous at 13:58 on 26 Aug 2015

Anonymous at 13:59 on 26 Aug 2015

The content and information was good but could have been said in a more succinct way.

Of course the information is relevant but not exactly what this audience was looking for.

The talk started off with a bang, high speed, packed with jokes, very well done. The endings of sub-parts of the predentation were a little rough around the edges here and there. It's one of those talks that people might not have high on their wish list, but one they really need to hear. Overall it was a very enjoyable predentation and a great topic for a conference. Especially for a first time conference speaker, above expectations.

Anonymous at 14:59 on 26 Aug 2015

I liked it. The topic os maybe not relevant for a Laravel conf, but thats not the speakers fault.

Very relevant talk for this time! I think at some points it went a bit too far in terms of details into legal laws but overall a nice reminder on what we need to keep in mind. I think this talk would improve a little bit more if it was even more adapted for a developer audience.

I think you did really well as a speaker! Could clearly understand you and follow along. Props for that :)

I liked the talk.. Some parts could have been more compact/simplified but I learned something new today.. Thanks Esther

Not relevant for Laravel.

Andrew Westrope at 15:37 on 26 Aug 2015

In parts it was a little disjointed but the subject matter is important and I now know more than I did!

Too many slides

Interesting topic, but a bit hard to follow. Images were fun, but for some topics it would probably have been better to show some bullet points or quotes on the screen instead.

I enjoyed this talk a lot, some very funny parts. Also learned some new things about he laws surrounding ethical hacking. There were very few slides though and all the term definitions were not really necessary. If they really are crucial to the presentation, at least put them on their own slide. The overall content was good, but perhaps more suitable on a different type of conference.

Anonymous at 00:02 on 27 Aug 2015

I am sorry for the speaker but I think Laracon doesn't had the proper audience for that kind of contents. Like I told to some people would be nice to have next time some workshops with this kind of contents. Just for people who is interested on that extremely specific topic.

As a suggestion to Esther. Please don't use a slide for almost each word, at least for me was really confusing too many images without more context.

Anonymous at 00:13 on 27 Aug 2015

Although the topic interests me a lot, it wasn't for laracon. There are plenty of conferences where this topic would have fit much better. The speaker also seemed a bit unprepared. The icons felt as if we were being shown a children's story book.

Obviously the speaker knows what she's talking about, but the execution wasn't quite there yet.

Anonymous at 00:49 on 27 Aug 2015

Fantastic talk I wasn't expecting, very applicable and something I wouldn't have thought about. Real eye opener!

I thought it is a wrong topic for laracon.
Sorry, I was wrong.
Great performance on heavy stuff in a short time.

I thought the content of the talk was very interesting. Sometimes the structure of your talk was a bit hard to follow. I loved the noun project logo's but a build of text might have guided the audience through your talk better.
As I understand this was your first talk before such a big audience. You did great. Defintly do it again!

Interesting topic, enjoyed it. Maybe less slides/quotes. Feels like it was trimmed down to bare essentials to fit in the time provided, well done. Would definitely not mind a longer more detailed version :)

Dull, too many slides, lost interest. And if english isn't your native language please practice the words you are going to attempt to say on stage, at first mispronouncing a word and laughing about it was kind of endearing, but it got a bit awkward with time. Maybe for some people, but not for me and I don't think it really fit well within the context of the conference either.

Interesting topic but too specific for this conference.

She spoke about some term definitions with words in them she struggled to pronounce at times. It's understandable as a non-native speaker but if you know this in advance (which she pointed out at one point), why don't you use different words? You can also make better use of the slides, so that we can read the definitions ourselves and you can get to the essence of what you are trying to say.

I really enjoyed the talk, it's a very important and complex topic almost never discussed. I liked the good approach with the icons and the examples. Maybe adding some of the quotes in the slides would relieve the talk a little bit and help to make it a little less "heavy" in complexitiy,. As a non english speaker it's sometimes hard to keep track of complex informations when it's spoken.

Nice talk, and some very important issues. However it was at times really hard to follow. Maybe add just a few bulletpoint slides next time ? I think a lot of the audience was lost around the same time the speaker was lost herself.

That is too bad, because the content was great!

Not so much my topic but nice presented. I would suggest to avoid the country specific laws for an audience from around 35 countries.

Michael Csáki at 23:46 on 31 Aug 2015

there was something to learn and understand here but presentation was really a bit of a meas after a good start.