Future Is A Thing Of The Past


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Ezra Pool at 15:15 on 23 Aug 2016

Awful jokes, good talk

Luca Sottani at 15:26 on 23 Aug 2016

very good introductory talk on event sourcing. Next time try to use a more relevant title!

Bobby Bouwman at 16:09 on 23 Aug 2016

This talk really helps you understand event sourcing using examples and jokes. The speaker did speak fast and went fast through the slides, but the small slides made it good to follow.

This talk had a lot of humour which made it nice talk.

Very nice talk on Event Sourcing. The speaker was engaging but seemed a bit nervous which resulted in him talking very fast and his jokes falling flat because people needed a bit of time to catch up. With a bit more practice on relaxing the talking style this will be an excellent talk.

None of Yours at 16:17 on 23 Aug 2016

well-presented and insightful. Speaker was going really fast, but fortunately I had some coffee beforehand.

Fatih Demir at 16:43 on 23 Aug 2016

The cheese jokes were great (not). I really liked the presentation of this talk and the useful information.

Good talk, we now understand his board game nickname "veryfast" :)

Good talk, but had a few edges that could have been a bit more polished. The jokes were awful, but compensated by the great content. Mitchell has a thorough understanding of Event Sourcing and can share that knowledge with the crowd. If he can keep his overdrive speed of pace in check, he can become an amazing speaker.

Thomas Ruiz at 09:33 on 24 Aug 2016

Good talk, the jokes were awful (in a good way). Great introduction to event sourcing.

Nice talk, interesting subject and delivered at a pace that kept you at your toes, there was no room for zoning out, which was nice, especially for an afternoon talk.

Way too fast... Fine, content wise.

Ben Cavens at 22:51 on 25 Aug 2016

The explanation of Event Sourcing resides most of the times in the abstract realm. Concepts are being explained as a definition and almost never as a code implementation. This talk certainly complements the latter. I've seen some code snippets on how event sourcing could be implemented.

Indeed a bit fast-paced but totally understandable.