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Povilas Korop at 12:00 on 23 Aug 2016

1. I'm transitioning from a developer to a manager, but Taylor's keynote made me want to write code again :)
2. His keynotes are similar to Steve Jobs's (Announcements, One more thing etc.) with a little difference: Taylor doesn't have a price at the end :)

Exciting developments with 5.3, love that Taylor is still enthused with Laravel and its ecosystem.

Przemyslaw Peron at 13:16 on 23 Aug 2016

great talk.

Ezra Pool at 13:23 on 23 Aug 2016

Exiting new things, sadly due to time constraints no QA, but good talk.

Bobby Bouwman at 14:35 on 23 Aug 2016

Give the man 2 more minutes and he takes 15! We really wanted to push out all the new awesome stuff from Laravel which is a good thing.

None of Yours at 16:20 on 23 Aug 2016

Delivered with a lot of good energy, information-packed and useful.

I know this is a Laravel conference but as someone who doesn't use Laravel primarily, I was disappointed with this talk as the keynote, I would have expected something more along the inspirational lines. As a 2015 attendee where I know there were a lot of complaints about the talks not being technical/laravel oriented enough, I feel that this was a big overreaction to that feedback.

It also felt a bit like leftovers, considering how often the speaker mentioned he was just telling us things he didn't have time to talk about at Laracon US.

I think this talk would have had a much better place along the two tracks. I was missing the inspiring message that is usually conveyed in a keynote.

Excellent as always. Note to next Laracon: Taylor should have a two hour time slot.

Fatih Demir at 16:34 on 23 Aug 2016

Very nice talk.

Awesome live demo talk, I'm trying to update some of my Laravel projects on 5.3 to play with new features presented in the talk! Thanks!

Love the live coding!

Michael Teeuw at 19:26 on 23 Aug 2016

Nice Talk. Love the live coding. Maybe add some in between slides to highlight the sections you're covering.

Excellent highlighting new laravel

Good talk, nice new features and live coding :)

Nice talk with interesting content, but I don't think I've seen the Laracon US talk enough times to have the context I apparently was expected to have for this talk.
But I'm looking forward to working with some of the new stuff.

d at 13:39 on 24 Aug 2016

I liked the part where he deployed a major version from the couch at the venue

Katy Ereira at 13:42 on 24 Aug 2016

Like someone said previously, this felt a bit like leftovers from Laracon US. I hadn't watched the US talk so I felt like I was missing something. But what covered was really great and impressed at Taylor releasing 5.3 from the venue. :)

Jerry Hof at 13:53 on 24 Aug 2016

nice talk

Craig Sansam at 15:01 on 24 Aug 2016

Great introduction to the conference and to the changes in Laravel 5.3 from the creator of Laravel!

Tim Hyde at 15:29 on 24 Aug 2016


Great talk, love the live examples. Q+A would have been great too.

One of the most interesting talks of Laracon. Would have been nice to hear more from him about Laravel 5.3.

Mark Starkey at 14:58 on 25 Aug 2016

Good to see all the new and improved parts of the framework, as eloquent as ever. great opening talk

Informational and entertaining as always!

Jochem Fuchs at 13:01 on 26 Aug 2016

I really like the relaxed and down to earth way Taylor does his presentations.
It really feels just as if you're having a work presentation with a colleague who is showing the work he has done on your mutual project.

Also, the work that has been done.... You basicly fixed every issue we've had over the past year on our biggest project. things we've now all done by extending the base functionality of Laravel 5.1 are now all present by default and in a much nicer and easier way, as always.

Great talk! I like live coding!

Robert Settle at 16:27 on 26 Aug 2016

I thought it was a great talk and good to see the new version in action.

I can see some people didn't like that it was more of a continuation of what was said at Laracon US. Personally I think it's hard to find the right balance in that respect. Most attendees have probably already watched the US videos, so I think it's fair enough to keep that in mind and not tread over the same ground.

Generally I think it was a great talk!

I think you should have had more time (so no critics towards you) for the opening keynote so that you could've talked more about the future, the reason why you're bundling vueJS, with Laravel and what not. I haven't seen the US talk and maybe you talk about that stuff there.

I also agree with Karins' comment stating that "It also felt a bit like leftovers, considering how often the speaker mentioned he was just telling us things he didn't have time to talk about at Laracon US. "

Alexander Feil at 17:24 on 1 Sep 2016

Great, as always. Very structured and well planned live examples! Thumbs up!