Please Understand Me


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Bobby Bouwman at 10:38 on 24 Aug 2016

Great talk about the communication between developers, managers and clients.

Some really nice tips on how you can improve the collaboration in your team. And also some tips for better communication.

The slides are clear and small which make it easy to follow. Overall a clear talk.

Keep the good work up ;)

Well balanced talk

Well done! Easy to understand the problems shown. The coloring for each role made it easy to understand the slides.
Goog insights on how to improve the relationship between developer, manager, client and the application users.

Great talk, nice slides, but lak of real life examples, Besides that you should leave the company if you are not happy.

Overall nice lite talk. Thanks!

Thomas Ruiz at 11:31 on 24 Aug 2016

Great talk. Issues and solutions were explained very simply and easy to understand with the clean slides.

I was hoping for a bit more insights on the 'new manager' position and inputs on handling that, but the talk provided some really good insights from the dev POV.

Fatih Demir at 13:11 on 24 Aug 2016

Great talk, well spoken and nice examples.

Katy Ereira at 13:38 on 24 Aug 2016

Great talk and matches my thoughts about the dev - manager relationship. Unfortunately this audience lacked the presence of the people who really needed to see it; the managers.

It's always good to be reminded not to stay in a toxic relationship, but if we don't make these issues known to the people who are perpetuating the toxicity, we can't solve this issue.

Is any developer going to be confident enough to share this talk with toxic management?!

Tim Hyde at 15:37 on 24 Aug 2016

Not really sure this added anything? If your company sucks then leave or make it better.

Plenty of stuff out there on managing teams and companies better, so not sure this talk did anything other than tell us how life as a dev sometimes is not good.

Good talk about the different point-of-views between devs and managers!

I don't agree with all your points, but that just makes it an interesting topic and more food for thought :-)

Interesting slides, skilled presenter, message wasn't earth-shattering though.

Really interesting talk with good tips about how to improve the relationship between developers and managers. Definitely made me think about my position and what I would like to change. So, thank you for this talk :)

Mark Starkey at 15:09 on 25 Aug 2016

name of talk wasn't a good fit, fortunately that didn't stop the talk being a good one, with some great parts that made me sit up and think about how I talk to managers.

Great talk! Good insights into how to deal with your job and those around you, and live in general. I agree I would have expected a bit more from the perspective of transitioning to manager, but overall a talk well worth attending.

Jochem Fuchs at 13:17 on 26 Aug 2016

Nice and interesting talk!

It's nice to recognize all the problems I had with previous employers and see how it's far from unique and also to understand better what their side in that was. But it's even nicer to recognize how none of these situations exist where I've been working for the past few years.

My boss was sitting beside us and he agreed wholeheartedly with you as well. Of course it helps that he is a developer as well ;)

I liked the talk. More inspirational than informativ.

Robert Settle at 18:20 on 26 Aug 2016

Not entirely what I was expecting going into the talk - I thought there may have been more about the pain points/discoveries made from making the transition from developer to manager.

However, that may not have gone down as well with the audience who will primarily be developers, so it was probably positioned in just the right way. Very easy to follow and the slides were a perfect accompaniment to the talk. Some great insight into development teams and creating a better understanding.

I only saw the latter part of this talk. But it got me think both two and three times about how I spend my time.
I liked a lot that Mattias talked about the importance of the code and that we as programmers should take the code seriously.
I've met with a lot of programmers that belives in "whatever makes this shit run"...