Conversations with a Screenreader: Web Accessibility For Artisans


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Bobby Bouwman at 13:44 on 24 Aug 2016

A speaker that doesn't bore you with lame definitions, instead he gives you some examples which define accessible really well.

The speaker gave a lot of real live examples but also a lot of web related examples, which makes this talk really valuable.

The code examples came a bit late in the talk. The audience was losing the concentration a bit because of that.

Overall a good talk and I learned a lot about accessible. Keep the good work up ;)

Jerry Hof at 14:52 on 24 Aug 2016

I did catch only the last 10 minutes however I did't find the talk suitable for this conference.

Interesting awareness subject.

A little bad luck with the examples, but the theory was very good, as wel as the performance.
Also good to highlight once again the accessibility.

As someone who did some research about web accessibility, this talk wasn't anything new. I would have liked more examples in how to implement accessibility in newer web technologies, like in React.

Very good subject, good to get people thinking about accessibility being for everyone and not just a few people. Well presented, the only comment I have is that it was a bit repetitive at times. Just a tip, in my opinion, a 40 minute talk doesn't warrant recaps.