AWS For Artisans


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Loved seeing a usable example.

"Not to sell you on AWS, but... [very friendly sales pitch for using AWS." ;)

Not applicable to our current projects, but I enjoyed seeing it nonetheless. Definitely an option we'll want to keep our eye on, especially if we want to make an app for funny faces.

Cool talk about how to integrate the best that AWS has to offer with Laravel. Would have been cool to see the app you built in action though

Love the example app and how you leveraged AWS

Anonymous at 11:56 on 15 May 2014

Anonymous at 11:58 on 15 May 2014

Examples rocked! Very engaging talk.

So yeah, it was a little bit AWS infomercial, but it was a good one! Jeremy has a solid style and good pacing. The only strike against it is that he managed to make an extremely simple "upload funny faces" app seem extremely complex by pulling as many AWS products as possible. Still, it was extremely informative.

Very cool overview of some of the services that I could use for my PHP applications. Also, loved the faces :)

Loved the use of an actual application as a vehicle for the AWS infomercial.