Breaking The Mold


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Great to hear from the guy who Wrote The Book™ on Laravel. Lots of interesting things to consider in this talk.

Your enthusiasm and humor are terrific. On some of the slides, I would have preferred less space spent on the title and more dedicated to the code sample.

Having read Code Bright I was a little worried this would be quite basic. But far from it, this talk was filled with exactly the kind of stuff I like to see at a conference. A new approach to code organization, new concepts directly relevant to my professional work, and a guy with an interesting accent. That snarling doge/red panda photoshop was shocking. :)

Excellent content and pacing was great.

Your selfie was a little too blurry though :)

Loved the delivery and really appreciated your sharing tactical examples of things that have worked for you -- it was a mini work shop!

This was great. We've customized our Laravel project template as well, so it's great to hear that we're not crazy for having done so ;-)