Devs And Depression


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Fabulous presentation style on a topic that deserves this kind of exposure.

Absolutely the best presentation of the conference. A powerful message, crafted through Greg's story, which captivated everyone in the audience. Well deserving of the standing ovation

Absolutely fantastic

By far the best presentation of the conference, Thank You for your honest sharing of a personal issue that affects so many, I think you truly will make a difference in peoples lives.

Very uplifting talk.

Anonymous at 18:16 on 16 May 2014

A TED-quality top. My favorite talk of the conference.

Great delivery on an important issue that doesn't get enough attention.

I almost skipped this talk, and yet by the end it had me (and the person next to me!) in tears. Jeff Way's assessment that it's "TED-quality" is spot on. One tiny thing to add to Greg's presentation: Laravel is largely about Developer Happiness, and by extension developer *wellness* - so really this talk was directly related to the conference topic. 6 thumbs up!

It was one of the best non technical talks I've heard in the past few years. Excellent job.

I only wish I was the first to stand in giving the ovation. I'll be forwarding the videos to others. It was a very powerful presentation and easily the most important 60 minutes of the conference.

Outstanding talk! Thanks for your bravery and for sharing your story. Was amazed how many people in the room, including myself, had similar experiences and were willing to raise their hand about it.

Love the honesty. This is a hard field to work in and we need to support one another.