Hacking CS Education


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My kids school in Alabama is using khan in there curriculum. Really enjoyed learning more about it from the source.

I'll probably get flamed for this, but I was a little annoyed by this talk. With all due respect to John Resig who is 100 times more the developer than I'll ever be, I did not understand how this was relevant at a conference for professional PHP developers with a specific interest in the Laravel framework. It was impressive, and like many others with kids I signed up for Khan Academy that same day. But unlike the Amazon AWS talk, there wasn't even an attempt to make it relevant for a room full of developers focused on a backend framework, some of whom came thousands of miles to learn more in relation to Laravel. The presentation was smooth, polished and compelling. I just felt its inclusion was based more on John's profile than on the presentation content.

Anonymous at 23:23 on 17 May 2014

Irrelevant to the conference as a whole.

I enjoyed the presentation and will be signing up for Khan Academy for my children, but like others I question the relevance. It was a privilege to hear from John Resig, but at a narrowly focused, single-track convention it seemed a bit out of place.