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Anonymous at 13:59 on 15 May 2014

Fix the timing please. ;-)

Holy oh-my-goodness, Homestead! Forge! My job just got easier and more fun. Thanks, Taylor!

Ben Kuhl at 07:11 on 16 May 2014

love the new tools! Thank you for raising the bar and making it easier for developers to get into tools like Vagrant.

Good job Taylor, I particularly enjoy how strong your vision for laravel is. Having such a clear vision has made all the difference ! Keep it up

I enjoyed your presentation style very much.

I love how excited Taylor clearly was about this project, and how he occasionally would ask in this understated way "What do you guys think? Is this cool?" Once we started to grok what the whole thing is, I was blown away, especially by Forge. Taylor has a great stage presence, and is quiet enthusiasm is infectious.

Loved the vision and the presentation of that vision. It was helpful to see stats and numbers of people using Laravel. I was blown away by the new additions (Forge, Homestead) to Laravel ecosystem and will be using Forge as soon as it is publicly available.

Thank you for bringing us all together and for continuous work you are doing for every PHP web developer out there. I am super excited for Laravel's future and the community around it. Keep up the great work, Taylor!

Thank you once again! Excited for the new features in 4.2, Homestead, Forge, and most especially for another year to be a part of the awesome community that would not exist without you.

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