Laravel.IO: A Use-Case Architecture


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Anonymous at 14:45 on 15 May 2014

Very cool. Loved the event/dispatching explanation !

Super-crunchy, but an illuminating introduction.

Anonymous at 15:35 on 15 May 2014

Fantastic talk. Really provided some insights into the ways we can take our complex, muddy code and make it simpler to maintain, beyond just Laravel

Great talk--I really appreciated the practical, followable connections between tech architecture & business needs.

I admit I was half dozing off during the talk...because I was tired. I really should have been paying more attention, because it seemed very informative and interesting. I immediately went to get coffee after the talk, and I plan on reviewing the talk when I get back to Buffalo.

Shawn really nailed it with this talk. He turned me the concept of "commands" in a way that I don't think would come across in a book or blog post. I was also kinda blown away with the level of professionalism he shows - which was only enhanced by his humble qualifiers. I'm really looking forward to watching it again when the conference video comes out.

Enjoyed the talk and the practical solutions given for a particular set of problems. Looking forward for the slides and more insight on the topics covered in the presentation.

Excellent talk! Thanks very much. Gave me ideas about better and smarter ways to do some things than the way I usually do them.

My favorite kind of talks are the kind that make me say, "shit, I gotta read up on that..." and your talk did that perfectly. Packed with info and references on where to learn more. Awesome.

Your pacing was very good too. I didn't feel like you were just blasting through slides because you were running out of time or anything.

Anonymous at 23:21 on 17 May 2014

it's mediocre.

Hi everyone, if you could please consider leaving specific feedback about what you feel could be improved. For example, "it's mediocre" is a fair assessment. However, it doesn't help me understand how that I could become a better speaker or how I could improve on this specific talk.


Absolutely fantastic presentation. Cutting edge, very info packed, humble. I'll be re-watching this one when it hits video, I'm sure.

I really enjoyed the talk's pacing and content. Seemed very well-planned and considered. There was one thing I was left wondering. What is the difference and/or benefit of using something like the CommandBus versus using Laravel's native Event firing and listening functionality?

The video of this talk can be found at