Open Source & Your Business


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How to give back to Open Source? I can *totally* fix one bug a month!

Great insight into open source from a business viewpoint. Ian was also very approachable afterwards to talk more shop about how to not just use open source in your business, but use your business for open source. Showed the benefits of giving back in a professional manner

Ian is a guy who walks his talk, and then some. This talk was more editorial than lesson, but that's a good thing. And I was truly inspired by the level of support that Userscape has given to Laravel and open source software. That was true before Ian's talk, but even more so after the talk. I hope to get our company to take up his call to action of devoting developer time to Laravel and other FOSS projects.

Loved the practical examples given in the talk, would definitely consider them when I make my own business or an agency. With so many open source technologies used every day by so many developers/companies for profit, it would be a shame not to give back.