What's Wrong With It?


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Great talk can't wait to spend time digesting all the info in your slides!

Fast and dynamic!

Great info. After all these year of learning from Jeffrey on video it feels great to have a live lesson.

Great fun and gave me new things to go learn about.

Anonymous at 10:56 on 15 May 2014

Very enjoyable and informative

Several times during the talk my mind was completely blown. Fantastic.

Ben Kuhl at 10:56 on 15 May 2014

Great rundown on some different approaches. I really liked the comments on method naming for tests and events.

great talk! basically presented solutions to all my problems

A lightning-fast overview of cool points, having nothing to do with the event name, but nonetheless and upbeat & exciting intro to Laracon

Excellent talk to open up the conference. Fast and chock full of information that makes you think about how best to use the tools in your toolbelt

Great work as always!

Great presentation, thank you for all you do educating us.

Like most talks, over my head. But thought provoking nonetheless.

Great talk, and excellent as an intro to the conference. That said, it seemed kind of unfocused. It seemed like Jeffrey, who is so concise and organized in his videos, wasn't quite sure what to say (!) so he scattershot a bunch of cool stuff in Laravel. I definitely learned about some new things from that scattershot, but I was wishing he would have just chosen 3 or so of those cool things and focused on those.

Great talk and a great way to start the conference. Thanks!

Great rapid fire, content rich kick-off to the conference. Loved the high speed review of the last few slides (but wasn't too much slower than the rest!). You definitely need a t-shirt gun, though. ;)