How we abused PHP and Laravel to do Big Data


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Oliver Lowson at 17:26 on 11 Jun 2019

A great presentation on something I had an interest in attempting myself (though sadly not the time or resources). Thanks very much

Joao Matos at 17:28 on 11 Jun 2019

Really awesome presentation, on point with really good insights. I loved the soft humor that helped with the presentation, good job!

Great job on compressing a hugely complicated (and sometimes quite boring) subject into something interesting and understandable!

Keni WILLIAMS at 17:39 on 11 Jun 2019

Fantastic, pushing the limits. I love the idea of thinking outside of the box.

Mike Smith at 21:12 on 11 Jun 2019

Some interesting stuff here, but felt it lacked a little context on what the actual requirements were - possibly there was a little too much assumed knowledge about the problem space. But definitely some useful concepts, and good to see a willingness to push the boundaries of the tech.

Alan Wilson at 08:19 on 12 Jun 2019

The talk was well presented but I think I was a bit confused as to what the purpose was (other than the 'because it is there' principle).

Always love when people speak about real problems they needed to solve and how they approached it. Thanks for sharing this information. I had some problems following what the company did with the information and how it helped them. The talk was more about the problems around. I would have loved to hear more about what they did with the data. Still great and funny talk.

A really strong talk. I found it really interesting to hear about how data consolidation can be tackled in PHP. I think there are probably three 'other' talks within this talk trying to get out - what can be done with the data, a 'deep dive' into data consolidation (just using one process for example), and 'Laravel collection optimisation. Either way, a very interesting and strong talk with relevance to some of the things we're doing at work.

It was hard but very insightful talk how literally everything in Laravel can be customised. Not relevant to me at the moment but definitely an eye-opener.

Dainius Puzas at 14:48 on 12 Jun 2019

The content in this talk was probably the most complicated of all the talks in the conference. It was definitely interesting to hear how the problem was solved, see real code examples etc, but I felt like it was missing some context. It was not clear what problem it solves and why you needed to build something like this.

Peter Fox at 00:29 on 14 Jun 2019

I struggled to follow this talk a lot of the time. It didn't help that at points code was being demoed that was too small on the screen, in future you might want to play around with the Presentation mode in PHPStorm (I seem to remember you were using PHPStorm anyways). Also in the slides there was often grey text on red backgrounds which I found myself needing to focus on a lot to read, there needs to be a more striking different or it won't show as well on some displays.

I felt like there wasn't a narrative or much of a take away from the talk which is a shame because I think the subject matter is very interesting.