Laravel Event Sourcing with EventSauce


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Tim Cranston at 13:09 on 11 Jun 2019

Interesting talk and Dries clearly knows the topic, feel like it could be useful but personally struggled with understanding applicable example or how I could use this within my work.

Oliver Lowson at 17:24 on 11 Jun 2019

Hi Dries - this talk was so detailed and advanced I found it a little difficult to keep up at times, but it really made me want to learn more about the event sourcing model, so I will be going back over my notes from this! Thank you very much

Really knowledgeable and insightful, but could've either been less detailed in specifics, or focused on a smaller subset of the topic.

Mark Snape at 19:05 on 11 Jun 2019

Great talk but maybe needs a different scenario with business terminology that is distinct to what programmers are used to.

Really well presented, but i did struggle with thinking of good application for event sourcing in anything I work in. Perhaps a couple of examples real world might have helped me grok it a bit better.

This wa eye opening and I can begin to see reasons to use event sourcing where before I wouldn't have known whe to decide to use it

Mizan Syed at 22:49 on 11 Jun 2019

Timely topic, as it is being implemented for a Laravel based application

Alan Wilson at 08:11 on 12 Jun 2019

A very interesting talk and highly topical for me as some kind of time travel in the application is of interest. I wonder if this could be broken down into a couple of talks to allow a deeper dive and a demo (recorded) of how it works in practice ?

I'm glad Dries is back at speaking. Already saw him at Laracon EU conferences and he has so much knowledge to share. Event sourcing is such an interesting new topic and I love to hear more about it. The slides were super neat. The only problem I have with every Event Sourcing talk is, that there is so much information you need to cover and I always find it hard to follow at the end. I'm not sure if we can do something about it. Maybe it is just the topic which is quite complex to explain.

I think alot of my struggles with this talk are a result of my own shortcomings rather than this talk. Event Sourcing is a huge topic, probably way too much to cover in a 45 minute talk. As such I found some parts of it hard to follow, and while I can think of some use cases within our application, I still don't feel I know where to start. That said, Dries clearly knows his stuff, he's an expert on the subject for sure, and I need to try harder to get to grips with it :-)

Practice makes perfect! Work on the balance between details and fun and next time you will nail it 100%

Lee Crosdale at 11:14 on 12 Jun 2019

Enjoyed the talk but as a beginner I found it hard in places. A more simple example at the beginning would help. There are probably 2 or 3 talks in this talk alone that you could split out into more detail.

Aside from being nervous, Dries is clearly knowledgable and passionate about this subject. Code demos did not feel like they fully made clear the differentiation between aspects of Event Sourcing. I think if the naming of the methods was more separated or perhaps a more realistic relatable project to work on may have improved my ability to grasp some of the finer details. However all said this was a comprehensive explanation of most aspects of the topic. Well done!

I must confess that I was not properly caffeinated to follow everything, although I found the topic interesting, and I will definitely try to research more about it.

Peter Fox at 00:15 on 14 Jun 2019

Understandably a complex topic. I'd already played with the Spatie package for event sourcing and seen talks on that so I will admit it was hard not to zone out a little. I found the talk a bit too focused on the theory and it might have been better to see an example of a project using it fully. Might be worth maybe diagraming the workflows of how event sourcing works as it's a topic can benefit from more visual representations.