Writing Effective PHP


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Mark Snape at 18:15 on 10 Jun 2019

unfortunately missed the first 10 minutes, but what I saw was solid.

Alan Wilson at 18:37 on 10 Jun 2019

A very good talk with lots of useful insights.

Very useful insights.

Oliver Sarfas at 10:33 on 11 Jun 2019

Great talk, very informative and some great packages that I'll be sure to use in the future

Tim Cranston at 10:36 on 11 Jun 2019

Helpful and new ideas introduced & potentially very useful tools

Povilas Korop at 12:10 on 11 Jun 2019

Great talk. Some of the scenarios were too idealistic and we talked about it during break, but overall good talk.

John Braun at 13:07 on 11 Jun 2019

Very nice and structured talk.

Oliver Lowson at 17:15 on 11 Jun 2019

Thanks Nuno, this was a great talk that gave me lots of things to consider in writing my code. I particularly liked the analogy with defensive driving!

Joao Matos at 17:27 on 11 Jun 2019

Very useful, great insights, excellent delivery!

Really interesting talk!

Mike Smith at 21:21 on 11 Jun 2019

Solid opinionated take on writing code with some definite food for thought going forward!

Mizan Syed at 22:23 on 11 Jun 2019

opinionated but great otherwise

Seen this talk now the third time and it even gets better every time. Nuno is a great speaker and has some brilliant tips for writing better PHP. I really enjoyed his presentation and I can take great insights with me. There is nothing I can complain about.

A great way to start the conference. Immediately provided valuable lessons that anyone could go away and work with.

Ross Cooper at 10:28 on 12 Jun 2019

I was aware of most of the topics and opinions raised but it definitely helped me understand why they are important especially when working in a team

Lee Crosdale at 11:08 on 12 Jun 2019

Good talk and picked up some useful packages

Dainius Puzas at 14:50 on 12 Jun 2019

Very interesting, inspiring talk and very well presented.

Peter Fox at 19:04 on 12 Jun 2019

A really good talk, well presented and good content in the slides from what I remember.

My only issue as such was first half and last half didn't necessarily gel that well, it felt like you talked about defensive programming really well, then you talked about your tools for doing an analysis but never really tied it back to how your tools would change things for a dev. Might be worth while having an example project where you ran the tools showing what you detected and give the audience something actionable for themselves. For example, in an example project with some glaring static problems, show what came back in the results and then quickly resolve and show the tool. Maybe provide a workflow for how you fit doing that static analysis into your development because it's something a lot of devs don't use still in my opinion.

I say this as someone who has installed Larastan and Insights before the talk but still haven't got to grips with it and found it generating a lot of noise and not knowing from the docs how to make it apart of my processes.

Vincent DAVID at 09:54 on 13 Jun 2019

Thank you Nuno for your talk. I am new in the php and Laravel community and did not know PHP STAN and PHP INSIGHT. Every developper should know them.