Design-first APIs with OpenAPI


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Oliver Sarfas at 15:27 on 22 Jun 2023

Very good speaker, easy to follow and lots of information to digest. Can tell Lorna knows her stuff

Jon Bowes at 15:54 on 22 Jun 2023

We're in the early stages of implementing an OpenAPI based API, so really great to hear about this before we get too deep.

Ben Hull at 16:04 on 22 Jun 2023

Really clear and informative talk, and has made the way into api design feel very within reach and worthwhile.

Seems really useful to know.

Jim Whiteside at 09:07 on 23 Jun 2023

As an active API developer who works hard on also maintaining current, accurate and informative accompanying documentation, although only for internal use, I was particularly interested in this and picked up some useful things to investigate.

Gaurav at 11:03 on 23 Jun 2023


Craig Willis at 14:02 on 23 Jun 2023

Great talk by someone who is clearly passionate about APIs.

Was very informative, with clear examples and best practice advice, especially the PR workflow and an API Council.

David Watson at 15:53 on 23 Jun 2023

Great talk and some brilliant resources to use

Daniel Jones at 19:12 on 23 Jun 2023

Not the first time I’ve heard Lorna speak, but her passion and knowledge is there every time. Superb!

Great talk. Loved the energy

Dan Johnson at 12:09 on 24 Jun 2023

It was great to get Lorna's expert insight, and I came away feeling inspired to follow her best practices. The talk was structured well and was consistently engaging. Hope to hear another one of her talks soon!

Really good talk, and really timely for my colleague and myself as we’re actually about to embark on building an api. I particularly liked the idea of an api council. Also, I will almost certainly be reiterating the idea that an api isn’t like other work that we do, in that it’s not so easy to just change things if you realise you’ve done things wrong.

Alan Wilson at 10:55 on 26 Jun 2023

Another great talk by Lorna, covering a lot of key issues around best practices for API design. I hope to be using some of this in our next API development (or fixing up the current one)