IoC container beyond constructor injection


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Matt Stauffer at 12:12 on 12 Jun 2018

I've given a talk about the Laravel container before, and I still learned a few key things during this talk--great work here!

Thought I was following along but - so much of it over my head. Mind blown in parts though

Povilas Korop at 12:45 on 12 Jun 2018

Great talk, though I missed the actual real-life cases for some code examples. Hannes was talking about code features, not necessarily about why/when you would actually use such complicated structures.

Joe Dixon at 19:16 on 12 Jun 2018

I really enjoyed this talk. It was quite technical, but I found it easy to follow due to Hannes' delivery. Only thing I would have liked to see is real-life examples of when to use each of the code examples.

James Hulse at 20:14 on 12 Jun 2018

Great info, and although I thought I knew IOC in and out, the clear way in which the definitions were defined was amazing. I think I agree with the other commenters that some more real-world / practical examples would be beneficial toward the end.

Great talk. Good to get a deep dive into the inner workings. Melted my brain a bit, but it really helps to see how some of this stuff works.

S Nathan at 11:33 on 13 Jun 2018

Learn a lot of things, some of the stuff over my head and but I sure will be reading up on it! Please put up the slide links! Thank you

Alex Williams at 11:51 on 13 Jun 2018

My favourite talk of the day, Hannes showed so much of the container I didn't know and although I am struggling to see use cases right now, it's going to be great fun playing around with contextual binding and container events. I thought this was one of the more technical talks, however it was great to have such a variety to please all the audience, given we all have different levels of exposure to Laravel.

A lot of this was quite complex for my understanding, but that is just because of my skill level. Interchanging describing closures vs anonymous functions created unnecessary complexity. However I will go through the slides again to refresh my mind on the subject and will also watch Matt Stauffers talk again, which will hopefully get me going with this subject. Thank you for the insight! Keep up the good work! ??

Peter Fox at 01:25 on 17 Jun 2018

The positives here was that it did bring new things to me and I feel I'm quite seasoned at using Laravel's IoC, although it took a bit of time to get there. I think it was hard to balance the scope of going from the most basic levels of the IoC to showing off more advance tricks. It might be better to focus on a smaller area talking only about the advanced subjects. I'm not sure if it was only useful talking about the PSR standards although they are useful to know. Overall it felt like it needed a narrative to thread it's way through the whole talk.

Also for a small note, the slides where code was shown were a black background with white text which I found harder to read personally but I'm not sure how many would be affected by that.