Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone: Learning to Teach


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Absolutely amazing talk. Learned a ton about myself in an extremely short amount of time. I learned that I'm a mix of visual, logical, and audial. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.
It gave legitimate theory on how people learn, how to teach others, how to help retain, and how to help others implement. (wasn't logged in for the first comment)

As someone who is interested in offering workshops I found this extremely useful. Heather has deep knowledge in this area and gave a great presentation.

Great talk. I enjoyed learning how teaching works, why it fails, and how to structure things for greater information retention. While not all of this can be used in the presentation format, teaching goes way beyond conferences.

Heather's speaking style is very calm, comfortable, and clear to follow. The slides were engaging, and the information was presented in an interesting, but easy to understand way. I learned so many things that I can instantly apply to my talks, my mentoring, and even just my daily interactions with other developers. Great job, Heather! You nailed it!

This talk was a journey of self discovery as a way to advance not only personal learning style but effective communication. The format was engaging and efficiently organized and the information was fresh and exciting. More talks highlighting effective teaching/learning skills are an asset to any community. Bravo!

This talk was fantastic. As someone who speaks often I find myself watching others speak to learn how to be a better speaker, but there is very little on how to be a better teacher, so I was very eager for this talk.

Heather was a fantastic speaker, learning to teach by learning to learn is great — and seeing them slides reflect the values she was teaching (visual vs reading vs audio etc) was a subtle but amazing thing to see.

I came away with a better understanding of how I learn, as well as an appreciation of how others can differ from that.

Focusing the second part of the talk on speaking made this immediately more applicable to what I was trying to achieve, I definitely came away from this talk with stuff I could do to improve the way I teach, from the way I speak, and present my information, to what goes on my slides.

Great job Heather, I recommend this talk to anybody who finds themselves teaching OR learning, be that as a speaker, a mentor, an apprentice, or otherwise.