Building Web Sites That Work Everywhere


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Thanks for the tools for cross browser user interfaces.
This should help with some of the development pitfalls we run into regularly.
Presenter was great and showed multiple tools to accomplish cross browser interfaces.

Dave Pooser at 14:54 on 8 Apr 2016

Good overview of the fundamentals + some great tools to make it easier.

What it says on the tin. Good talk, lots of useful content. Speaker could be a little difficult to understand because of her accent and fast pacing, but it was easy to see she was passionate and excited about the subject matter.

Thank you!

Mangesh at 16:41 on 8 Apr 2016

Most enthusiastic speaker so far! The content was great with very specific and useful examples. Fiddler demo was also nice. Have used it many times, but not to modify the responses... will have to do have now! :)

kyle sloan at 17:01 on 8 Apr 2016

Good talk that went over the tools to use to help with front end design and testing. As a system admin guy, it was good to see that microsoft is joining the party.

Jason Goodman at 12:53 on 9 Apr 2016

Good class. The examples were simple and helpful.

David Trower at 17:09 on 21 Apr 2016

I enjoyed the introduction to some tools I wasn't aware of that I can share with my web design students to help them better navigate the world of designing cross browser compatible web sites.