Exploiting the Brain for Fun & Profit


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Fascinating talk, very well-presented. Lots of great content about how to get the most out of our brains. Very relevant both to people in general and developers in particular. Well done.

Absolutely wonderful talk. I knew most of the stuff going in to this talk and for those that attended I can tell you from 1st hand experience that it works.

Alena Holligan (Speaker) at 16:45 on 8 Apr 2016

Here are the slides http://www.slideshare.net/AlenaHolligan/exploiting-the-brain-for-fun-and-profit-lone-star-2016

Finished with a BRAIN CONTROLLED TESLA!!! Can't get much better than that!

Chris at 23:29 on 8 Apr 2016

I caught the last half but everything that I heard was good. It was presented well also.

Very cool talk on self care and making sure that you are maximizing your physical/mental potential in your workspace.

Kyle Schatzle at 12:19 on 9 Apr 2016

Very fun and informative talk. Awesomely useful information.

Jason Goodman at 13:00 on 9 Apr 2016

Most exhausting course of the day ;) Fun way to wrap up.

Tim Lytle at 15:00 on 9 Apr 2016

Spoiler alert: She makes you run in place.

Interesting talk, and paced well for the end of the day.

John Kary at 16:24 on 9 Apr 2016

My faaaaavorite talk of the conference! There's so much great advice for improving one's lifestyle that leads to enabling them as a better programmer and human. Keeping people engaged by making them physically interact was brilliant--it worked incredibly well for me and I didn't see anyone NOT engaged.

You dealt well with audience members wanting to share their own ideas! I've seen other speakers crash and burn and lose control of the room but you let them talk and moved on. Very well done!

Keith Casey at 11:26 on 11 Apr 2016

Good talk with some actionable steps and information that could be applied almost immediately.