How to Cope When It All Hits the Fan


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Jason Goodman at 15:46 on 9 Apr 2016

Went in with no expectations, came out really enjoying the talk. Thanks!

Tim Lytle at 15:47 on 9 Apr 2016

Great talk on both dealing with technical problems, and communication problems. Could be a keynote. Very polished delivery.

Colin O'Dell at 15:51 on 9 Apr 2016

Fantastic talk! I almost forgot it wasn't the keynote.

(I also loved the slide typography and use of Oxford commas)

Chris at 15:51 on 9 Apr 2016

When the pre-existing plans do not work, the steps outlined should help dramatically: Stop. Make a plan. Have someone run interference. Fix the problem. Automate the it away. Add a note to include more source code when telling the story.

Kidding about that last part.

Dave Pooser at 15:53 on 9 Apr 2016

Interesting talk, great delivery; I think this could easily be expanded into a half-day training exercise. One of my favorite talks of the conference.

Joe McMaster at 15:53 on 9 Apr 2016

Light, Fun, and Informative! Some great ideas and illustrations to identify and fix problems calmly.

Sean Fraser at 15:54 on 9 Apr 2016

Extremely polished presentation. Great message, great delivery and great slides.

Woody Gilk at 15:54 on 9 Apr 2016

Excellent topic, well delivered, and obviously very well rehearsed. This could have been a final keynote for sure.

Slides were very well designed too... nice to see at a tech conference.

John Kary at 16:07 on 9 Apr 2016

So calm, cool and collected, I loved this talk. Great points about how having a checklist and a plan will save us from ourselves!

Chuck Reeves at 16:53 on 9 Apr 2016

Not enough tech though ;)

Mark Priddy at 20:05 on 9 Apr 2016

Arguably the gem of the conference for me. The sheer volume of take-away amazed me. The vacuum in my development scared me. The fact that I do some of this already (but not nearly enough) reassured me.

Jason Oeltjen at 13:49 on 10 Apr 2016

Great talk with great case studies/stories/example. Freaking out never gets you very far :)

Excellent talk! The speaker and presentation was very polished and professional. I agree with comments below this would be a great keynote.

David Trower at 17:16 on 21 Apr 2016

Another great talk by a great speaker. Plenty of great information with plenty of real case examples. Definitely worthy of being a keynote.