The Formula to Creating Awesome Docs


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Useful list of guidelines and great examples.

Chris at 09:56 on 9 Apr 2016

Reinink gave us a great overview (and some examples) of the elements everyone loves in their documentation: That it exists. That it should provide an introduction for new users. That it should provide references for advanced users. That it should look good.

Jason Oeltjen at 13:45 on 10 Apr 2016

Super important stuff for developers and dev shops. Documentation continues to be something that doesn't get near enough time spent on it, but when done properly it can really have a positive impact on adoption and many other aspects of the project.

Very useful information, I look forward to working on our documentation soon. One suggestion might be any insight into any tools/libraries that might help in building documentation.

Eric Poe at 11:07 on 20 Apr 2016

Documentation is hard. Jonathan Reinink reminds us that it's also necessary. I will be using some of what I learned in my own projects, so thank you!

The speaker's enthusiasm for this topic certainly helps make this a more interesting talk to attend. Well done!