When higher traffic coupled with costly operations begin to degrade your site’s performance, an asynchronous job queue can be a valuable tool to help relieve the stress. With Gearman, PHP developers can easily farm out non-time-critical jobs like image processing, external API requests, and complex data processing operations to a pool of workers better suited to the task, leaving their webservers free to continue serving requests.

Join Michael Moussa as he walks you through the basics of setting up a Gearman job server, writing clients to communicate with it, and creating workers to do the heavy lifting. After the basics are out of the way, he'll go into some pitfalls to watch out for when working with Gearman, as well as some tricks to make development easier.


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Erik at 13:39 on 22 Apr 2017

Thanks, good introduction to Gearman. Would have liked some more explanation of the competing options, pluses and minuses

Great informative talk on using Gearman for job queues. Michael had good examples, gave technical coding examples, and covered tips, tricks, and pitfalls. Overall a great talk about a useful tool that can really help out.

Eric Poe at 14:44 on 22 Apr 2017

This was a great intro to queues. I appreciated that you looked at some of the common pitfalls when using queues.

Great intro to Gearman. I like how the concepts can be applied to any queuing system. Nice round talk that left me with an overall better understanding of the pros and pitfalls of implementing this system. Thank you for putting this talk together.