Your new database query ran quickly when you tested it, but seconds after deploying it, alarms are blaring, and you're scrambling to rollback before the site goes down. What happened?

I can "EXPLAIN."

Queries that perform well under development load with limited datasets can easily bring a database to its knees under production load. In this talk, you will learn to decipher query execution plans, recognize portions that can be improved, and take the necessary steps to optimize your queries!


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Josh Butts at 14:45 on 21 Apr 2017

I didn't expect to learn anything from this talk, as I was just sitting in the back catching up on work. I picked up 2 things I didn't know, and this explanation of how to use the explain plan for MySQL is probably the most accessible, easy to understand I've seen.

Great examples of SQL and scenarios that I could relate to. Pace was good, Michael spoke clearly, and the slides were readable even though they included queries and output. Great presentation that covered basic query optimizations.

Great content! Would love to have gotten another hour in this talk. :)

Bob Phillips at 09:23 on 25 Apr 2017

Thank you for explaining the misnomers in EXPLAIN.