Building Testable PHP Applications


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This was a fantastic presentation. His simple definitions and examples of the concepts made it easy to understand. His code examples were clear and to the point. His section on API testing really cleared a few things up.

Anonymous at 11:05 on 29 Jun 2012

solid introduction to getting started with testing.

Very helpful. Never quite had a good handle on using mock objects previously.

Great talk, and not too much grumpiness.

Very informative, thanks!

Enjoyed it very much!

The only criticism that I have is that the code slides were in a very small font. Otherwise, great talk!

It's always fun to watch Chris talk. This is an informative talk and Chris is good at presenting the information in an entertaining way.

Funny talk - Grumpy is quite into the unit testing and enjoyed seeing testing tools other then just "use phpunit"

This talk on testable applications was delivered very well. Clear and concise examples were given, and easy to remember tips and thoughts on how one should think when writing applications were appropriately abundant. Excellent talk.

Very good talk. Many of us know HOW to test (to a degree), but more insight on how to make your application testable to begin with was very helpful

Great presentation - made me want to go write some more tests

Anonymous at 08:41 on 30 Jun 2012

Anonymous at 21:22 on 30 Jun 2012

Power speech on the importance and the proper way to test applications. Inspired me to push management for a more structured and procedure oriented process in order to begin testing.

Excellent talk! Really appreciated how Chris brought up several different real-world situations and gave strategies for handling each.

Lots of great information on testing. I finally understand how to write code that accesses a database so it is testable.

Loved the talk and all the information. It was entertaining in addition to providing great information. I am finally beginning to understand how to write my code to better incorporate tests, as well as updating the processes to allow for it.

Excellent talk, I came with lots of ideas for how to expand and improve my own test suites!

Anonymous at 15:10 on 2 Jul 2012

Great talk. Left with good info.