Coordinating Workflows Across Machine Boundaries


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Anonymous at 10:53 on 29 Jun 2012

Needs actual examples. Very abstract.

The context of the "request" (spinning up virtual guests) was not as clear up-front. However, tying the distributed coordination back to locking helped to clear up some of the confusion of some of the request / coordination problem. The discussion at the end of the presentation and providing more examples of specific software coordination helped to make this more relevant.

Logan: be more engaging. The content you are presenting is interesting, but the way you were presenting it was not.

Provided a good overview of using Zookeeper in a cloud environment. I definitely plan on taking a look at this in more detail. Thanks!

Ben's speaking style was very engaging. The visual guides were helpful and effectively used.

Appreciate the feedback everyone. Thank you.

Best part of the talk was iteratively describing how to add in caching and sharing it between servers. That's what really gave me the context of where Zookeeper fits in.

Good examples on the problems of resource contention and how to use concurrency restrictions to handle those issues. Bringing in real world examples of machine provisioning in a data center environment helped quite a bit, and also gave some insight into how that business works on a more technical level.

Good examples, and a good description of what problem he was trying to solve with the material presented. I think the specific example used was a bit too specific to their process, and I would have liked to see a more traditional web application example that would have helped the ideas sink in better.