ElasticSearch for PHP


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Very detailed examples of both elasticsearch and the elastica PHP library. I enjoyed this because I felt like I learned about both parts of this solution, not just the client part. The Geolocation part s amazingly simple.

I walked in a few minutes late, so I may have missed a key point or two about how elastic search works with your existing stack. That aside, this talk definitely piqued my interest in ElasticSearch and I'll be giving it a look.

I found myself trying to find a way to fit ElasticSearch into my current project where there is very little searching to begin with. I am really excited to use this in a future project (or possibly in this one)

This is a neat topic, but I found myself wondering how I could ever integrate this with my process using a relational database like MySQL (which is still the most popular DBMS for PHP devs). This wasn't really covered, which maybe is a limitation of time, but seems to also by limited by the software. Perhaps some mention of it at the beginning or end would suffice.

Anonymous at 15:23 on 2 Jul 2012

Was interesting talk. Learned quite a bit and will possibly be able to use this at work.