Fast, Not Furious: Performance Tuning that Works


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Detailed Technical talk. Much better than the last talk. The "Secondary Slides" he talked about wasn't in his presentation which made the presentation seem to flow lots better. In addition, his ability to live demo an application is stronger than just presenting from slides.

This time the text on the black background was much easier to read because he increased the size of his text to like 30 characters on a line.

The detailed explanation of XHProf was very helpful as also was the neat tricks with memcache. The talk was a little long but worth it.

Great Job.

Anonymous at 14:28 on 30 Jun 2012

Excellent speaker - relaxed on stage. Knew his content well. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous at 14:33 on 30 Jun 2012

A little too much time spent going thru code, but overall good info.

Excellent talk. Ended up rushing a bit at the end, but the details on XHProf made it worthwhile.

Very helpful. Please post the slides here so I can get the detailed instructions.

Anonymous at 20:00 on 30 Jun 2012

Wow! Great details. It seems so easy now, this is going to be as much a part of my workflow as Git.

Learned about a tool that I never knew existed that could be very helpful. Would have been nice to learn about some tools that are available in windows as well, but I know that windows users are the minority when it comes to PHP apps.

Excellent detail on the talk. The information regarding XHProf was amazing. Very impressed with your live demo as well. I have never seen one flow as smoothly.

Only recommendation I have is to shorten the demo so that you are not as rushed at the end. Otherwise, great talk!

A very detailed talk on some specific things to monitor, profile, and improve the efficiency of our scripts. The four rating is only because Davey seemed a bit disorganized for this one, and we wasted some time getting things to work.

Anonymous at 15:46 on 2 Jul 2012

I liked that the speaker knew his stuff. I liked the idea of not assuming you have a problem and not assuming that you do. I loved that he stressed do one change at a time. Very good talk!