Hypermedia APIs and Self-Building Applications


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This is a good talk. I wish it had been recorded because there was information that I missed and would love to go back and listen to it.

Great content! The demonstration was enlightening and demonstrated the point of the talk very well. Vance also has a very monotonic voice making the excitement level in the room kinda low. He was very considerate of those who couldn't see his code and text on the screen and adjusted it accordingly. Very well done.

I did not really understand much about APIs prior to this talk, and his demonstration made it really clear what the difference is between just moving JSON and actually creating a Hypermedia/Truly RESTful API. The opening with all the specs seemed a bit slow, but he leveraged them well in the second part of his talk.

Absolutely AWESOME!

Anonymous at 11:39 on 30 Jun 2012

Great demo. Surprised you didn't mention HATEAOS.

Great talk. Will be taking a look at our in-house APIs to see how we can implement some of these ideas.

This information in this talk was good, but the delivery left something to be desired. The overall attitude of the speaker seemed a bit bored at times, like just going through the motions; not very energizing or engaging. The speaking itself was a bit rough, with far too many "uh"s and "um"s for my particular taste. All that aside, I did learn quite a bit, and for that I'm appreciative.

This was one of those talks that started giving me ideas for my next side projects... enjoyed it a lot!

One of the most interesting and useful topics of the conference for me. It gave me lots of good ideas and to incorporating in my current projects and resources to look into this further.

Liked this talk - particularly like the thought of APIs that are essentially as easy to consume as browsing a web page. Clear explanations.

Inspiring. The idea of developing an api which can be consumed as a web page complete with forms and links is extremely thought provoking.