Infrastructure Debt


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Good list of infrastructure debts with great specific examples.

Anonymous at 18:18 on 30 Jun 2012

Flat out sound advice for all development.

The Grumpy Developer's delivery is rough, gruff, direct, and absolutely appreciated.

I was expecting a talk similar to the technical debt topic earlier in the day but focused on hardware/networking/etc. issues. Some of that was discussed, but the talk transcended that and went into areas such as coding standards. A little abstract to be considered "infrastructure" but absolutely spot-on nonetheless, and a necessary point.

It was also helpful to hear the discussion on how to bring these issues to management and help them understand that yes, sometimes we need to spend time and money fixing bad stuff.

Super helpful. Making a list of the things I need to work on (or prepare a case for my management) now.

Fantastic talk about a topic not well categorized in the industry. Did a great job showing the difference between technical debt and infrastructure debt. Highly recommend!

Great overview with useful and relevant information. I wish my boss had seen this talk. Presented in a passionate and amusing manner, as one would expect from the Grumpy Programmer.

This talk should be mandatory for all team leads and managers.

Awesome talk. Lots of things to work on. I appreciate the emphasis on the fact that debt must be paid and really driving it home that there is a cost associated with not streamlining processes.

Great talk and awesome delivery as always.


Very excellent talk. I have quite a bit of bills to pay, but will begin working on them.

The question asked in the QA about how to convince management ought to be included in the talk. This is always a question, and there is never information on it.

Otherwise, while I feel "overwhelmed" with the debt, I now feel inspired to "pay it off" and like it is possible as well.

I, too, like the straight-forward "gruff" talking style - especially on a topic like this. I also think that the discussion of getting management on board is key - especially considering the audience (developers versus stakehodlers/managers... for the most part). Perhaps skimming back on the version control aspect just a bit (only 3 reiterations of "no seriously, do it" versus 5 ;) ) would allow for more time for the management discussion and other important things that came up in the Q&A.

Anonymous at 16:06 on 2 Jul 2012

Really hate that I missed this one. It was a tough choice between this and the other speaker that was at the same time. Although I really enjoyed the other talk, I really wish I could have heard this one too. Are there videos of this anywhere?

Chris gave a great presentation and I came away with a lot of things to consider or to try to apply to my working environment. Grumpy persona aside, he had good examples and stories. He's certainly passionate about and engaging with whatever topic he presents.