MongoDB and PHP


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This talk was a solid introduction to MongoDB. The talk did a good job of demonstrating how to accept data and store it along with the limitations involved with using MongoDB.

Anonymous at 20:06 on 30 Jun 2012

Well prepared presentation. Most MongoDB presentations lack PHP specifics, so that was a definite benefits.

Was disappointed that some of the topics in the description (Grid, Map Reduce) got dropped.

While I've seen talks about MongoDB and PHP before, this one gave me a good idea of how Mongo has progressed and what you can do to address indexing, performance, fault tolerance, etc...

Great material and a good delivery (although Derick seemed a bit more stiff during this talk than OpenStreetMaps - he clearly likes talking about maps better ;) ).

Thanks for the book and stickers!

Anonymous at 15:56 on 2 Jul 2012

I struggled to understand a lot of what was said. I left knowing I would never want to use MongoDB. Seemed like the whole talk revolved around how to get it to behave properly. Was nice of the speaker to give away books.

I was a bit familiar with MongoDB beforehand, but Derick's talk really clarified things and was a great introduction. He has good delivery, as well.