PHP Extensions for Dummies


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Content is/was outside of my wheelhouse so can't speak to it specifically, but that is why I attended the session. Good presentation style and slides.

Anonymous at 12:12 on 29 Jun 2012

I have done PHP C/C++ extensions in years past, and I attended this talk to see how much had changed, it was a great talk. It actually explained a lot of things I had just done by rote without understanding.

This was was a good introduction into what goes into making PHP extensions, and the differences between that and writing PHP applications. The talk was less of a tutorial than I had expected, but given the time constraints and the fact that it requires a bit of C knowledge, this was not a bad thing. The talk was delivered well, those there was more "just always put that in the code" with no explanation as to why as I typically like. Still, I feel prepared to continue learning about PHP extensions enough to possibly write them in the future. The talk, overall, was an excellent overview of what to expect.

I agree with Brian on the point about being less of a tutorial than I was expecting, but also understand the time constraints and reasons.

Nice overview of what it takes to get into extension development.

Anonymous at 08:42 on 30 Jun 2012

Very solid overview.

Given the scope of the topic and only having an hour to go over it, this was a good presentation. The problem is that it was too short - so much was given only brief attention. I would *LOVE* to have this topic presented as a 2-part session instead.

Once thing that was particularly helpful though: Being told that sometimes you don't need to do all this work. The ffi extension may be able to do it all for you. Being told how to avoid work is a great thing.

Great overview on writing extensions. Since the subject is so complex a mit more high level might have been even more helpful.

I was expecting a more high-level approach, but came out with a better understanding of the process. I think developers of all levels were able to benefit from it. Many of the details were over my head since I have never written C, but I understand the overview of the process and what it will take to work through it and complete an extension when needed.

Also, you did an excellent job of recovering when things did not go quite as well as you expected.

Anonymous at 15:17 on 2 Jul 2012

The "for Dummies" let me know I must be completely brain dead. Was way over my head having never gone near C or done anything with extensions. Speaker needs to learn proper use of "than" instead of "then." Both talks she gave had this word misused. I'm glad others got something from this talk.