Service-Oriented Architectures with ZeroMQ


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Good introduction to zeroMQ. Could have used a few more concrete examples.

Good overview of ZeroMQ. Some more time could be spend on differentiating it from TCP / UDP on a basic, fundamental level. A bit more discussion comparing it with AMQP/RabbitMQ/etc would have been helpful as well.

Again, Joel was an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. I'd be happy to see him at every conference I go to.

Nice overview of what ZeroMQ has to offer. Definitely enough to get one thinking about how it can help when thinking about SOA. Well spoken.

Session definitely presented enough information to get you thinking "how can I use this?" Has potential to replace a time based client initiated ajax call to poll for information from the server. Instead a pub/sub or req/rep setup could be used to only send the information when available.

Not knowing anything about this topic but in name only it seemed to be a decent overview. Has certainly given me enough information to know when I might be able to use it, when that's applicable etc. Good presentation style.

Didn't know much about this going in, but learned quite a bit by the end. More real-world applications of the project would be helpful to better understand where it can fit in my projects.

Anonymous at 17:59 on 3 Jul 2012

Good overview of ZeroMQ. I will want to explore ZeroMQ network solutions more. Good presentation.