SOLID - Not Just a State of Matter, It's Principles for OO Propriety


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I think this talk just made me a much better programmer. I was already aware of a few of these principles already, but now they're a lot more "solid".

As a side note, the syntax-highlighted code didn't work well on the dark background, *at all*. It was barely readable even for me, sitting up front, with glasses.

Good examples.

Would recommend that you change the background color of your slides from black to white or a lighter color. Basically, looking for a more visually-appealing contrast between the code examples trying to read (which were also multi-colored) and the background color they were presented on.

A very good presentation. The coverage of each principle was very clear, and his explanation of LSP was the best I've heard. I could have use a bit more on Dependency injection, but as he stated that could be an entire presentation on its' own. Please choose a brighter font for the code samples.

The first half of the talk, the focus on SOLID (or rather, SOILD), was really well put together and delivered. Explanations were clear and all questions were answered in an understandable way. The second half of the presentation, focusing on DI, was less clear. Chris seems less confident about this half, and it really brought down the energy and engagement of the presentation, which up to that point had been very fun and energetic. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this talk, and learned a lot of useful principles and practices.

It was really clear and well put together, but Chris failed to keep my attention. It seemed really monotonic. He defiantly knows what he is talking about, but I found myself drifting off to other things and only paying a whole lot of attention when he would bring up a main point.

The code examples and content were great.

I started to drift toward the end for the reasons Brian already mentioned, but overall a good talk. Slides were poor quality, though what I could make of the content, they were good.

So good that I SOILD myself.

Very useful. I've used some of these principles before, but understanding them from a principle standpoint helps me know why I like certain tools, and will help me to explain them better to others.

Anonymous at 19:57 on 30 Jun 2012

I really appreciated the examples of how *not* to do things. :)

Anonymous at 21:29 on 30 Jun 2012

Great job! Although I felt the talk left some of the less seasoned developers somewhat confused on the various abstraction points Chris did extremely well explaining the reasons behind it and was honest about it's downfall (junior developers). By far among one of the more valuable talks in this conference.

Pretty much agree with what Brian said.

The dark screens were virtually unreadable, but the talk was great.