Stop Exposing Yourself: Exploits, Attacks and Defenses


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This presentation was great. The information was clearly presented, and the examples were very relevant. His live demos were smooth and well planned. Very professional and confident speaker.

Brought up some topics I had never thought about before, as well as new areas related to topics I did know about. Using "Exploits of a Mom," one of my favorite xkcd strips, was an added bonus!

Very good overview of common security issues in web applications. This sort of talk should be repeated at every conference. Thanks!

Anonymous at 08:52 on 30 Jun 2012

Good overview with concrete code examples that you don't often get.

Solid information, thanks

The talk had great content, and great suggestions, but Geoffrey is very soft spoken and requires everyone to be absolutly quiet to hear him. On that same note, his voice is very monotone, making the talk to seem devoid of excitement or anything that will draw people in besides the content itself. Aside from the occasional funny picture or quote, the presentation was really dry.

Due to the quality of the content I would call this an average talk.

The web is a scary place, and everyone's out to get you.

Forget PHP, every web developer needs to listen to this talk.

Not a bad talk (and one that is useful to everyone) but I was hoping for some more in-depth, complex material. The concepts covered were very basic, though it was great to see the revival of Samy as a real-world example.

Samy is my hero!

Sanitize parameters / use prepared statements / XSS / CSRF are always covered in these types of talks; having more focus on other vulnerabilities would have been great.

Good overview with practical examples. The depth was just right for my experience level and reminded me that I have lots to look into.

Very good overview. I enjoyed the real-world examples as well as the simple solutions.

Perhaps I'm just ahead of the game, but these were all things I was very well aware of already. It was still good to reinforce that I need to be diligent in my escaping and input filtering, but how about some examples of current attacks, and any new methods for dealing with those?

I also agree that Geoff needs to work on his presentation skills a bit - get into it! And speak up a bit. ;)

The information in this talk was all very basic web security, so it was too elementary for myself. Still a lot of good information for beginning web developers, presented in a useful format!

Geoffrey was very soft spoken and didn't speak directly into the mic, so it was difficult to hear most of what he was saying.