Talk comments

This was perhaps the one talk where I learned something I didn't know. The bit about filter_vars was good info - didn't know that. I agree that the XML discussion bogged everything down.

I can't really fault you for that, though. XML is a really, really dry subject, and IMO there's really no way to make it interesting.

Anonymous at 13:15 on 13 Jun 2011

I didn't get much out of this. The slides were very nice-looking, but did not convey the speaker's ideas very clearly. I found myself appreciating them for aesthetic reasons rather than for what they were saying, which I guess is somewhat ironic.

Speaker should've taken me up on my offer to get sloppy drunk beforehand.

Great talk. I absolutely love the format of case study to showcase the extensibility of Wordpress. I have a new found respect for Wordpress after this talk. I would like to see a few more code examples, but overall well organized and documented.

Great tutorial on using the new Flash Builder for PHP! Live code that didn't fail is always a plus. We had a working mobile demo in less than 10 minutes.

Great intro into "must have" modules/tools for Drupal. Seemed a bit nervous at first be finished great!

on Drupal

Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm actually going to pull out Iterators into its own presentation soon enough :)

Focused and well organized. Drupal 7 looks good.

on Drupal

Good information, but you should work on your pacing. You went really quickly through the iterators and filters, but got bogged down in the XML stuff.