With high-volume data wrangling, it pays to remember the fundamentals with PHP prepared statements. We walk through my benchmark showing techniques leading to 10X performance improvements. Meanwhile, when MySQL tables quickly grow by millions of rows, table storage space becomes an issue. Our table design must focus on keeping these tables compact and efficient. Here, too, prepared statements simplify both coding and table design. This talk uses CakePHP 3’s excellent support for PHP prepared statements, but all concepts are native to PHP and apply to any project striking this use case.


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Stefka Newman at 17:46 on 20 Apr 2018

Ed explains very well and is very knowledgeable.

Al Bunch at 15:40 on 21 Apr 2018

Good coverage of how to improve the speed of getting data into a database using prepared statements and/or bulk inserts.

Eric Leversen at 11:20 on 3 May 2018

Speaker had good knowledge of the topic and was able to address questions and comments. I really liked his lecturing/speaker style.